What is Cartly?

Cartly is a plugin that turns your WordPress site into an easy to use E-Commerce store. It also includes a responsive HTML5 theme so you can sell on any device.

Who is it for?

If you have something to sell and are tired of paying monthly fees for your store, in addition to high transaction fees, Cartly was made for you.

How about payments?

Cartly handles payments using Stripe. Their fees are some of the lowest available, and the only cost to you on each sale. Other payment gateways are on the way.

Download Cartly now and in minutes you can have your own WordPress E-Commerce site. No middle man fees. Branded and seamless checkout.

Current Features

  • User and Cart System
  • Inventory Control
  • Order Review and Processing
  • Branded Checkout & Email
  • Responsive HTML5 Theme

Planned Features

  • API
  • Order Analytics
  • iPhone App
  • iPad App
  • Real-time Notifications

Empowering Makers

There's a resurgence of makers here in the US. Cartly was created to help them keep as much profit as they can from their goods.